1099 Processing and Filing

Form 1099s are federal income tax forms from businesses and other institutions to document certain financial transactions conducted during a tax year. For most businesses, 1099s are provided to individual consultants who have worked with the business.

If you find yourself...

  • Not knowing how to measure your 1099 compliance
  • Not knowing which of your vendors need a 1099
  • Wondering whether or how to file 1099s 
  • Spinning your wheels to produce 1099s


...then you need to take a look at your vendors and expenses, understand compliance requirements, and leverage the app ecosystem.


At GrowthLab...

We manage your books throughout the year to identify 1099 vendors and monitor their expenses. We ensure you meet deadlines and remain compliant while leveraging technology to ensure accurate data transfer to your 1099s. We  provide confidence and flexibility when delivering your 1099s to your vendors. 


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