13-Week Cash Flow

Short-term cash flow is managed with a 13-week cash flow tool which provides a structured method of reviewing all your vendor payments and customer receipts, week by week for the next 13 weeks. It gives you forward visibility into your cash flow over the next quarter.

If you find that…

  • Cash is tight 
  • You need to prioritize payments to vendors, based on limited cash
  • You have to decide between funding payroll or paying rent
  • You need to keep a very tight leash on your accounts receivable


… Then you need a 13-week cash flow projection tool to give you the decision support and confidence to keep moving forward.


At GrowthLab...

We build a process and use systems to keep your 13-week cash flow projection organized and updated. We review your 13-week cash flow every week and identify when shortfalls are likely to occur and, based on that, determine what capital we need to infuse into the company or which vendor payments are we going to delay.

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