Social Enterprise from Concept, to Capital, to Cadence


This CPG company is focused on building a lifestyle brand with a social enterprise twist. While developing their initial product, they approached GrowthLab for help with their fundraising, go-to-market strategy, and strategic marketing


During the first stage of our relationship, we worked with the co-founders to help develop their go-to-market strategy – from price-points to where they plan to distribute – all tying back into their financial model to extrapolate into stage two – capital raising. After solidifying a plan for which distribution networks they plan to attack, we built this strategy into a financial model to help predict capital needs out of their startup expenses. 

After multiple iterations of the financial model to bring it to a place that was agreed to be both realistic, yet, aggressive, we took the next step in helping actually strategize around the types of capital they plan to raise. Will it be family and friends? Angel Investors? Bank Financing? Etc..

After raising the capital necessary to get to ball rolling, we began to get into a more regular cadence with both the co-founders and their in-house accountant – working together on a bi-monthly basis to organize financial reporting for management and investors, update the financial model, create annual budgets, and strategize on new product lines, to name a few. 

We often connected with their team before (and after) investor meetings to help prepare or debrief. This may include building scenario models around investors questions, helping to convey the story, organizing documents to circulate, or even prepping to documents for signature after an investment has been committed. 

Helping bring clean water to people all over the world!


Over the past 12 months, this company has raised money from a handful of outside investors and is actively talking to more. We have helped them build their foundation to continue raising capital on, while also building the company for long-term success. They have since been featured in countless publications and events, and we are excited to see where they go next. 

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“GrowthLab has provided invaluable tools and advice to Tizra’s management team, helping us scale smoothly and confidently.“

Abe Dane, CEO at Tizra

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“GrowthLab earns my highest praise for professionalism and affordability. I have hired them to improve our financial reporting... they were hands-on, patient, and able to move our organization... to an up-to-date and easy-to-use system.”

Christine Earley, Ph.D. Board Member & Treasurer at NAMI

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“…well-versed in all areas of finance, providing strategic guidance for early- stage start-up businesses… possesses a great work ethic, deep insights into financial analysis and modeling, and a collaborative approach to his work. An asset to any team.”

Andy Levitt, Founder & CEO at Purple Carrot


“GrowthLab is a tremendous partner for FluidSense. Allowing our core team to focus on engagement and development, while GrowthLab focuses on the financial and bookkeeping aspects.”

Jeff Poole , COO at Fluid Sense

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