Accessing Capital

Accessing Capital is finding the right capital from the right lenders or investors to fund your business. This can include conversations with banks, venture capitalists, private equity funds, or mezzanine lenders. It is an all-consuming effort, touching all core functions within the business, including sales, operations, finance, and accounting. More importantly, the process starts with developing a story and communicating it to the capital providers. 


If you find that you need capital to…



… Then you need to understand which capital providers to approach and how best to approach them.


At GrowthLab,

We help you assess the landscape through our segmentation process and network introductions. We also navigate the painstaking and detailed process of communicating with lenders and investors. Lastly, we ensure that your verbal story and your financials align and are grounded to your business strategy.  We don’t stop there, but help construct your loan and offering package while managing the delivery and data room. 


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