Accounting Systems Setup

Accounting system setup can include better accounts payable processes leveraging systems as It can also include better accounts receivable processes and systems.

This optimizes your general ledger instance by automating as much data entry and data flow as possible. Integrating the information flow between your business systems to minimize manual processes and transfers is crucial for efficiency. 


If you find that your Accounting and bookkeeping processes...

  • Are paying vendors late, or not paying vendors at all
  • Are creating invoices late or incorrectly or causing collections are falling behind 
  • Are not GAAP compliant in regard to revenue recognition
  • Pushing your P&L or balance sheet to not reflect the underlying financial performance or current state of the business 


… Then chances are, your accounting systems and processes are not keeping up with the growth of your business 


At GrowthLab...

We live and breathe accounting systems and geek out to process optimization. We've also tested a lot of different solutions and have chosen technology platforms that make our customer’s lives easier!

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