Actuals-to-Budget Reporting

Actuals-to-Budget Reporting is the process of reporting on your actual financial results for a period, compared to your budgeted expectations over that same period.

If you find that your …


  • Annual Operating Plan sits on a shelf or is not reviewed until the board asks about it 
  • Management team does not know how their function is performing financially 
  • Management team is making decisions without being informed by the budget or financial circumstances


… Then you need to report monthly on your actuals-to-budget for yourself and your management team.  


At GrowthLab...

We design the actual-to-budget reporting to be a streamlined process. We help you build your Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and ensure that your AOP is entered into your general ledger platform for ease of reporting and tracking. We also design your reporting to address your needs, your management team’s needs, your board of director’s needs, and your investors needs.


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