Annual Operating Plan

An Annual Operating Plan (AOP) is your budget grounded in the operational and financial plans of the business.Your AOP is your tool to provide real-time feedback, organizational alignment grounded in company-wide milestones & metrics, and compensation tied to performance. 



If you’ve experienced…

  • Confusion around not knowing your hiring needs for the current year
  • Not understanding the risks and opportunities to achieve your target revenue 
  • Being surprised by one-off annual cash expenditures 
  • Lack of sufficient cash to fund operations 

… Then you should contact GrowthLab to help you build your Annual Operating Plan

At GrowthLab, 

We build the budget collaboratively and use it throughout the year to measure performance, foresee risks & opportunities, and execute countermeasures. The AOP is grounded in company goals and leverages the long-range plan.


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