Battling the Threat of Coronavirus in Early 2020

March 12, 2020

These are trying times for our modern, open society. Families are struggling to make sense of the impact of the Coronavirus, hourly employees are facing financial struggles because of Coronavirus risk mitigation, financial markets are increasingly volatile due to the uncertainties, and small businesses are wondering what they need to do to better survive the impacts.

In my 2019 year in review, back in December, I noted:

In 2020, we have economic, political, and social headwinds, so let’s work together to get you, your company, and your team to a place where you can capture new opportunities and navigate the risks ahead. 2020 will have opportunities for those who look for it outside of their current paradigm. Growth will come from reinventing our company culture by embracing the millennial workforce, providing security for those experienced team members, engaging more with customers and the market…

At the time, I was not thinking of pandemics or Coronaviruses, yet we have to be prepared for the unknown. Back in 2016, GrowthLab and its predecessor company, Grinnell Bookkeeping started offering — and actively shifting customers to — a more tech-centric, cloud-based approach to our bookkeeping (business accounting) services. Moreover, we moved away from hourly billing to monthly recurring service.

Today, with Coronavirus sweeping across the globe, we have difficult decisions to make to protect employees and customers. We want to keep our team and customers safe from illnesses. We want to give our team the opportunity to continue to earn a living and serve customers. We want customers to continue to have clean and up-to-date books.

We want our team to be able to protect and care for themselves and families by staying home, when appropriate. We can enable this by providing the means to serve customers without missing a beat whether working from customer sites or GrowthLab offices. It gives us pride to be able to offer team members the opportunity to serve our customers and continue to earn their paycheck. Our goal is always to enable team members to work from our numerous office spaces; but times like this, it takes a village — a very nimble and alert village!

As for our customers, we want to be preemptive in protecting you and your people as the Coronavirus spreads. It is satisfying to be able to deliver seamless services to so many customers no matter what the weather or health challenges present themselves. As I said in my 2019 year in review, “I am personally looking forward to working with you — our customers, team, and partners to capture new opportunities and navigate the waters ahead.” This is one of those opportunities that many of you have embraced by moving to virtualize your systems and tech stack.

For those who have not made that move, GrowthLab is offering to help. We will help you make that move without charge. GrowthLab is offering any field-based customers the opportunity to move to a more tech-centric, cloud-based stance for free to help you protect your team, keep your accounting up to date, and ensure that employees can continue to earn a paycheck.

It is times like these that we can come together to capture opportunities that can protect you, your team, and your company while elevating your financial management.

I am happy to jump on a call to develop your journey.



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