Board of Directors Reporting

Board of Directors Reporting captures and summarizes the historical business operations performance and financial performance and communicates forward-looking plans. It identifies key management decisions made over the last period accompanied by management discussion and lays out management plans for the next period. This allows the Board to have a clear understanding of the milestones that have been achieved and the capital necessary.


If you find that you…

  • Are constantly questioned by Board members about business operations and performance
  • Are dealing with a “fire-drill” for every board meeting
  • Do not know how to best communicate business performance to your Board consistently 
  • Are duplicating information in multiple formats for individual Board members


… Then you need to standardize your Board of Directors reporting and establish a solid cadence for Board Meetings/ agendas. 


At GrowthLab...

We understand the importance for world class Board reporting. With this being said, we establish a templatized yet flexible Board report. We also implement a regular cadence for your reporting and ensure that it is followed. 

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