Business Modeling

Business modeling, or Long Range Planning, is the process of translating your operational roadmaps and targets into a financial projection. This is crucial for communicating your long-range goals and execution plans with key stakeholders, such as your board and investors, and is important to making key business decisions.

If you find that you…


  • Don't have your strategy grounded through financial projections 
  • Are in spreadsheets more than in front of a whiteboard & customers 
  • Can't answer questions about your future revenue, expenses, and cash flow
  • Don't have a proforma that reflects the realities of your business, and dynamics of the industry


… Then you need GrowthLab to help you revisit & develop your business model. Check out the GrowthLab 10 Step Approach to Business Modeling.


At GrowthLab,

We work with you in front of a whiteboard over the course of a few sessions to capture your strategic marketing plan- including addressable markets and target markets, your pricing strategy, revenue model and your go-to-market strategy... We help turn your operational considerations and investments into scaling.


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