Capitalization Table Management

Your cap table tells you who owns what equity of your business. Taking this to the next level yields an analysis of the equity positions across time -- the percentage ownership, equity dilution, and value of equity across each round of investment.

If you find that you…

  • Have a hard time organizing all of your corporate documentation related to ownership
  • Find it challenging to explain current ownership to existing and potential shareholders
  • Are unable to answer questions about your option pool, RSU plan, phantom equity plan, etc..
  • Have difficultyr reporting out to shareholders on existing ownership structure, options, RSUs, etc..


… Then you need to spend the time (and money) organizing your  cap table so that you can report out to stakeholders as well as scenarios based on  your next capital raise.


At GrowthLab...

We know the challenges of maintaining an accurate, up to date, cap table. We understand that employees, investors, and the Board need to be able to run scenarios of the next raise and of expanding option pools. We work with you and use systems and tools to develop a cap table not just for compliance and reporting, but to help inform management and Board decision-making. 

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