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Defining Your Goal Deployment Plan

April 2, 2019

What is it?

A goal deployment plan is a strategy to ensure that the goals of a company drive progress and tasks at every level of employment. Having clarity around company goals and how to attain them eliminates confusion and the improper use of time. The idea is that goals will start at the top of the company from CEO and strategic planners, and trickle down all the way to the lowest levels of decision making. This will then drive results back up the pipeline when goals are met by employees and make their way back to management.

What is the process?

The process of creating a goal deployment plan can be broken down into four main criteria:

1. Create a plan

This plan is to be developed by the management team and cover critical needs for the company to address. It is best if these needs are limited to a smaller, more manageable number. Keeping needs small means exerting the most possible energy in select areas, rather than deploying half-hearted effort across the board and getting weaker results. The resolving of these needs should lead the company into a better place than it was before. If that outcome is not plausible, pick a new goal. Before creating the final plan and outlining the goals, it is important to consult with middle and lower management. The team as a whole will become more informed, and responsibility will be shared amongst everyone. This will allow for KPI’s to be tracked efficiently as all employees are properly informed. You are now ready to own your plan, and work towards its completion.

2. Develop a Strategy

This is where goals, KPI’s, and tactics towards completion are discussed and defined throughout the company management levels. Once the final form is set, it is important to remain open to changes as over time, some tactics and strategy may be outdated, or in need of updating. However, an initial performance strategy is absolutely necessary even if it will be changed in the future.

3. Take Action

Not surprisingly, this is where your goals begin to take form. Tasks are carried out with the intention of high level results. It is important for managers to be very involved in the processes and make sure everything is being run smoothly.

4. Make Room for Adjustments

The actions that the company takes must be tracked so when certain objectives are met, necessary changes can be made. This can be an adjustment to the original goal, improvements to meet the next objective in a more timely manner, or any other wide array of changes. The bottom line is that you will make new developments along the way and need to prepare for the unknown.

Why is it important?

This process optimizes the fundamental vision of your business to the fullest extent. Your long term goals can be broken down into short term objectives until the whole process is completed. Following this model, there will be zero wasted time, and all levels of the company will become part of a greater scheme. Not only will this keep employees focused and driven, but also improve results and allow for a collaborated effort which boosts company culture.

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