GrowthLab helps dentists enjoy their much-needed leisure time by not worrying about things like billings or vendor management. We know you spend more time than you’d like trying to keep up with collections, HR & employee onboarding, budget management, or even paying your bills. Because of this, the goal of our dental practice specialists is to let you focus on the things you truly enjoy while being a dentist. Your GrowthLab team will take care of your financial management and record-keeping using a network of proprietary software to work remotely with you, so that you always have access to your practice no matter the place or time of day. Without thinking about it, you’ll now gain insights into your practice’s current & future cash flows, budget-to-actual reports, or even your income segmented by service offerings.

We also love partnering with dental practice consultants to help bring you the most value in both operations and finance!

Dentists Find The Most Value Through Our…

P&L Reporting

Bill Pay

Budget Management

Vendor Management

Reach out now if you want to spend more time doing what you enjoy while simultaneously improving financial control and oversight