Investor Communications

Managing and communicating with your investors is an art, not a science. By definition, it is providing investors with accurate and updated information about the business. However, investor communications is more than that. It is the art of bringing investors along in the journey of your business; keeping them informed of your wins and challenges, risks and opportunities.

If you find that…

  • You communicate individually with investors
  • You are giving different information to different investors 
  • You don’t have time to build a quarterly investor report 
  • Investors are asking for more regular communication from your company 


… Then you need to spend some time gathering the voice of your investors and articulating the cadence at which your will publish investor reports.


At GrowthLab...

We want your investors to be informed. We help you translate the day-to-day operations, priorities, strategies, and plans of the business and communicate that to your investors. We work with you to develop a structured template for your regular communication with investors which will include financial reporting, capital, human resource reporting, liquidity needs, and management discussion on the prior period and upcoming plans. 


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