Mid-Year Updated AOP

At mid-year, it is best practice to update your AOP to reflect changes s in your business, changes in the economy, and changes in your team.All of these changes impact your ability to hit annual targets, and therefore, you need to make business and operational changes in order to hit, or adjust, your targets. 


At the end of Q2, good financial planning dictates that your re-forecast the remainder of the year and publish an updated AOP that addresses:


  • Changes in your product development plans 
  • Any new markets you plan to enter or product lines you plan to launch 
  • Any one-off annual cash expenditures that were not anticipated at the beginning of the year
  • Your year-to-date (YTD) performance, ensuring cash remains positive 


...Sound confusing? Then you should contact GrowthLab to take the lead on updating your mid-year AOP. 


At GrowthLab,

We build your mid-year adjusted AOP collaboratively with your management team. We leverage their performance over the first half of the year to inform the planning process. We discuss which risks and opportunities have been realized, what countermeasures have been made, and what the remaining risks and opportunities are for the remainder of the year. 

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