Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing is a long-term approach that encompasses your customer persona, your addressable market, and your product-market fit, all with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable, competitive advantage. It is not simply being present on social media or sending out e-blasts, it is a holistic view on how you position your product in the market against the competition. 

If you’ve experienced…

  • Sluggish growth
  • A stalled go-to-market strategy 
  • Lack of product enthusiasm 

… Then you need to revisit your strategic marketing plan. 

At GrowthLab...

Our strategic marketing process starts with a business model review to discover your competitive landscape. Then, we move into assessing product-market fit and niche. Finally, we review strategic resource planning to get the roadmap on how the marketing strategy can be executed. But it doesn’t stop there. We pride ourselves on both producing and executing on strategy. 

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