Venture-Backed & Emerging Growth

Take the next steps to grow in your market.

Increase your stability with strategic marketing, robust accounting systems, financial planning, and capital strategies.

Coming out of the startup phase can feel like a rollercoaster.

Together we can find your rhythm and focus on the areas where you need to strengthen your strategy and refine your systems. Let us help you find your place in your market and take your business to the next level.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Package

Starting at $1,000

What's included?

We leverage our standard tech stack to deliver timely and complete financials to you monthly.

Included Services:

  • Monthly or Weekly Bookkeeping
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Payroll Reconciliations
  • Monthly Financial Review
  • Annual Accounting Calendar Publication

Extra add ons:

  • Bill Pay
  • Working Paper Management
  • Deferred Revenue Management
  • Payroll Department Allocation
  • Historical Cleanup
  • 1099 Filings
  • POS Systems
  • Inventory Management

Financial Planning & Analysis Package

Starting at $2,000

What's included?

We manage your annual planning cycle & deliver your monthly financial analysis along with key takaways to give you confidence in decision making.

Included Services:

  • Annual Operating Plan (AOP)
  • Mid-Year Updated AOP
  • Monthly Financial Close Meeting
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Monthly Actuals-to-Budget Reporting
  • Board of Directors Reporting
  • Investor Communications
  • Long-range Plan (LRP)

Extra add ons:

  • Cap Table Management
  • Monthly Check-in Meeting
  • Convertible Note & Interest Working Papers

CFO & Strategic Services

Package or Hourly Pricing

What's included?

We match you with a CFO to help you through your toughest challenges.


  • Succession Planning
  • Bank Loan Application & Communication
  • Accounting System Setup
  • HR Systems & Compliance
  • Employee ReviewsEmployee Compensation Framework
  • 409a Valuations


  • Business Modeling
  • Capital Raising
  • M&A Transaction Advisory
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Capital Raising
  • Monthly Check-in Meeting
  • Convertible Note & Interest Working Papers

We have been growth partners with over 350 customers.

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