HR Systems and Compliance

HR Systems and Compliance include better & digitized employee onboarding, time tracking & integration with payroll systems, employee wage history tracking, and employee review & performance management. 

If you find that you ...

  • Have a hard time creating an employee census
  • Need to enter info in five places during the employee onboarding process
  • Have no idea what your employee’s PTO balances are and how it is accrued
  • Have not reviewed your employee’s performance in more than 18 months 


...Then chances are, you need to bring your HR systems onto a digital platform to maximize your most important resource -- your people.


At GrowthLab...

we know the pain caused by sinking too much time into tracking down HR information. We also know the power of integration and automation between people, payroll, and performance. It is crucial to get to know your people, your organization, your culture; and make recommendations to build a robust HR tech stack. We help implement systems and processes and establish standard cadence.


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